Causes of Thrush

Until now, the causes of canker sores that occur repeatedly (or SAR, Recurrent aphthous stomatitis) is still not known with certainty. This condition is not due to one factor alone but due to many factors. These factors consist of:

1. Toothpaste and mouthwash sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)
Research shows that the product contains SLS is a foaming agent commonly found in toothpaste and mouthwash, associated with an increased risk of thrush because SLS can cause mouth cavity surface becomes dry and more prone to irritation.

Thrush can be formed on the former penetrating injury due to trauma. Canker sores generally occur due bitten lips while talking or chewing, due to dental care, food or drink is too hot, and brush your teeth...

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Many Motion Could Delay Premature Death in Young Age

Lack of movement turned out to be one of the current problems. Starting from standing too long to sit in front of the laptop for too long can cause a lack of movement in the body.

It is thought to be one cause of the increased mortality of young. Dr. Sonia Wibisono said this in a press conference with the theme of Great Experience Fitness First Indonesia 8th Anniversary: Make the World a Fitter Place.

“We have had many who realize the importance of exercise, but unfortunately a lot of reasons not to do it,” said Sonia. He said to the many activities, work, and often lazy excuse for not exercising mainstay.

“Actually, if you do not have time to exercise move,” he added,

In this event also practiced some moves that can be done when working. One practiced movement is a movement as if to sit...

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Alert, LED Light Exposure Can Damage Eyes

The use of LED technology can hardly be seled-technology-sign-1024x768parated from modern humans living today. Call it TV, monitors, mobile phones are now starting to adopt this technology because it claimed to be more energy efficient.

But a researcher from Spain revealed that exposure to LED light in a certain period can result in damage to the retina of the eye.

Dr.. Celia Sánchez-Ramos from Complutense University, Madrid, Spain, stating that the light LED (light-emitting diodes) derived from the spectrum of light blue and purple with a high energy short but bumpy. Expose LED radiation directly to the eye can cause significant damage to the cell retinal pigment epithelial cells.

“If this LED exposure occurs continuously, from any media, then this can damage the retina of the human eye,” he was quoted as saying by...

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Sports Also Can Make Healthy and Smart

Recent research conducted at the University of Texas, USA, said that the exercise 30 minutes per day can make you smarter. Is this true?

The research was conducted by collecting data from 1,100 students about exercise routines and their college grades. The results showed that students who scored A 30-minute exercise routine during the 3:52 times a week. While students with a grade of C, D or F only exercise for 30 minutes at around 2.81 times a week.

Here are 5 smart given the effects of regular exercise, as reported by the Times of India, Saturday (05/25/2013):

1. Improve energy
Most of the people think that moving or exercising too much can make you tired and dizzy. In fact, the more moves, the more energy you feel.

Routine activities increase muscle strength and increase your endurance...

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Normal Adult Blood Pressure

Blood pressure (BP) was measured in torr stands Torricelli, pressure unit formerly known as the water-mercury millimeters. Normal blood pressure for most healthy adults ranges from 90/50 to 140/90 mmHg.

Blood pressure in a person’s life varies naturally. Infants and children normally have a blood pressure that is much lower than in adults. Blood pressure is also affected by the physical activity.

Pressure will be higher at the time of the activity and will be lower when resting. Blood pressure one day also varies highest in the morning and lowest at night while sleeping.

Blood pumped out heart has the power and speed of a particular flow. The power passed into the arteries. elastic muscular arteries are the arteries that also pulsed...

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